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Nylon or Metal Pop Filters

Well it looks like the jury is going back in to deliberations. Scour some Internet forums and you will find that going metal or nylon is a matter of preference. Some people swear by the nylon ones and others by the metal ones.

Stedman Proscreen XL 6 inches

Stedman pop filter

List Price:$79.95

Price You Pay:$49.00

  • Uniquely engineered material superior to standard nylon filters
  • Easy to wash between sessions
  • Especialy effective against bursts in digital recordings
  • Does not filter high voice frequencies
  • Check Details

Stedman PS-101 Proscreen Metal Filter

Stedman metallic pop filter

List Price:$59.95

Price You Pay:$39.00

  • Trusted metal pop filter designed and made in U.S.A.
  • Disinfect and wipe down between sessions
  • Deflects the air away from the mic
  • Great Price
  • Check Details

Metal Pop Filters

Most people agree however that the metal ones are easy to clean and are much longer lasting. The metal lovers also point out that the nylon ones can get smelly and their parts can get flimsy over time. When it comes to sound the metal pop filter fans believe more higher frequencies of their voice get through and the sound is more natural. In the other corner we have the nylon lovers.

Nylon Pop Filters

A lot of people swear by nylon. Some prefer to make their own using a wire coat-hanger and some nylon tights. A quick search on YouTube and you even see some home-made ones that look professional made from embroidery clasps and stockings. Nylon lovers say how easy they are to rince and if you need to dry them quickly you can always get the hair dryer out. When it comes to sound you will people that use spoken word or sing sweetly are more comfortable with nylons. There are a lot of advocates of double layered nylons as well.

Although the jury is still out on which one to choose, it seems to come down to personal preference. One thing is for sure. If you buy a metal filter you don’t run the risk of getting a run in your hose.


Metal Pop Filters Pros and Cons

Metal filters are often touted as being able to retain the higher frequency sounds this implies that they can be lost with a nylon filter. Many vocalists find the metal ones more natural sounding, in that they don’t muffle the sound. Some talk about the nylon ones removing the color of the voice, like singing behind a curtain, it tends to lessen the higher frequencies.

The Pros:

  • Easy to clean
  • Claimed to be more natural sounding and less muffled.
  • Retain high frequency voice gain,
  • durable so will get lots of life out of it and although higher initial spend they will cost less in the long run.

The Cons:

  • Singer spit can get throught the filter into the mic, can reduce mic quality over time.
  • Some clasps for booms or mike poles are difficult to apply. Check before you order.

By far the most popular model that I found on the forums is the Stedman PS-101 Proscreen Filter which uses a metal mesh. Curiously this model is better priced than their Stedman Proscreen XL made of a patented material.

Nylon Pop Filters Pros and Cons

Nylons are usually cheap and wash easy. A big advantage they have over meta filters is that they increase the life of the microphone by protecting it from Singers spit.

The Pros

  • Usually the cheaper of the two although some nylons can run over $50 dollars.
  • Usually have more universal clasps or clamps for boom poles or mic stands,
  • Will protect the microphone from spit. Some mic’s in particular are very sensitive to moisture.

The Cons

  • Cheaper ones can have cheap materials which are more likely to need replacement which can be more costly in the long run. Many have trouble with the goosenecks over time.
  • Can develop a smell over time even after a good wash.
  • More likely to be damaged when stored away or attacked my pets or children.
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